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Hey, I'm Kezia

I’m a health coach who believes in finding realistic ways to look and feel better - because I understand that life happens and that chocolate is delicious.

I'm passionate about helping women like you find the confidence to break the rules of conventional diets to get real food freedom: so they can manage their cravings, stop struggling with shame and anxiety around what they eat, and be the confident, focused go-getters they were born to be.

More About Me

In her words

  • Within the first few days of the plan I started noticing having more energy, sleeping less and generally feeling a lot happier in myself! By the end of the week I had lost 4.5 pounds! yay! My sugar cravings have reduced so much and I've found that when they do pop up, I know how to make them disappear! This has changed my outlook on food and dieting! I'm feeling really excited to continue with my weight loss and healthy eating and looking forward to feeling even more energised!

  • Kezia made me feel so much more in tune with my body. I stopped craving sugar and emptying out the snack cupboard. I am so thankful I found Kezia and made the investment in myself. Gone are the days of counting calories, comfort eating or feeling guilt if I eat something 'naughty but nice'. I honestly feel like a new woman - I now truly love myself just the way I am. Thank you!


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