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Female entrepreneurs hire me to help them get back in control of their relationship with food, to stop it affecting their confidence so they can step up and be fully visible in their business.

I’m a health coach who believes in finding realistic ways to look and feel better – because I understand that life happens and that chocolate is delicious. 

As well as geeking out on an unconventional approach to wellness, I spend a lot of time hanging around upside down and singing along badly to all kinds of music (not usually at the same time). I’m a sucker for a waggy tail and have a minor shopping addiction, especially when it comes to boots.

I’m passionate about helping women like you find the confidence to break the rules of conventional diets to get real food freedom: so they can lose the weight, stop struggling with shame and anxiety around what they eat, and finally step up and be the face of their business.

Because detoxes, juice diets and relying on willpower won’t get you ready to take on (or take over) the world.

How much would change for you if you felt confident in your own body? If you weren’t afraid of being on camera, or worried about people judging you if you did a live video?

Imagine the energy that would give you. 

What if you had all the tools you needed to make sure things stayed this way forever. 

How good would that feel?

If you’re ready to get unstuck and lose the weight for good, then you’re in the right place. And I can’t wait to show you more.

I’ve stood in many of the same places you’ve been, feeling:

  • Stuck and hopeless
  • Desperate to enjoy food – but not being able to
  • Fed up trying to stick to diets and have willpower
  • Less than perfect (and that being unacceptable, because anything less than perfect is just not good enough!)


I’ve struggled with over eating and under eating. I’ve spent years looking for a sugar fix at every possible opportunity, and caving in to my crazy cravings. 

I’ve avoided being on camera, doing videos, networking or public speaking because I was afraid people would judge the way I looked. I’ve driven myself mad with guilt over how I “should know better”, and hiding my eating habits so no one else knew how out of control I was. 

I’ve punished myself for “bad” food choices with horrendous exercise routines and strict diets.


Believe me, I know how painful it is to be where you are now.

Dark Place

But things changed...

Not long ago I was working seven days a week, using sugar as a crutch to see me through the long hours. I realised exactly what I was doing, so I thought I’d go cold turkey. I was extreme. I started to starve myself for days on end – and then I’d lose it and binge. It was all or nothing. I felt totally out of control. 

What made it worse was that I was in business as a fitness instructor.

I felt like a fraud and that I needed to hide what I was doing. I couldn’t risk anyone finding out I wasn’t a perfect eater. My terrible secret stressed me out and I couldn’t understand why even though I knew all the right things to do, I wasn’t able to rein myself in.  

So I decided to work out where the disconnect was: why my hunger was all-consuming. Why even with all the knowledge about how to eat “right” I was getting it so utterly wrong. 

Now I’m dedicated to supporting women just like you to manage your cravings so you can take back control and stop struggling with shame, guilt and anxiety around food. 

Boss Donuts
  • What if you never had to worry about food again, and could still lose weight?
  • What if you had the flexibility and freedom to eat the things you love whenever you want?
  • What if you felt confident to stand up on social media and get fully visible in your business ?
  • What if you didn’t have to choose between your business success and your own health and happiness?

It's your time

I’ve combined all my personal experience and professional expertise in to coaching programs that will show you a sane approach to food and weight loss, so that you can become the confident, driven, successful woman you were born to be. 


Even if you’ve tried everything else and haven’t got the results you wanted, I can help you find your success story.


Whatever your dreams or your obstacles, I believe you have the power to change. You can experience a whole new level of strength and confidence, and have the energy to create and live the life that you want.

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The only question now is... are you ready?