Think you’re ready to start losing weight? You might be wrong!

I speak to lots of women who say they want to start losing weight but they’re not ready to do it yet. And that’s ok: if you’re not ready, then maybe it’s not the right time for you. 

I used to say I wanted to get my eating under control and that it was really important to me… and in the next breath, I’d say something like: 

“So, I’d better eat all of this now, so it’s not here tomorrow when I start properly.”

“But I ate so well yesterday, I can treat myself to a cheat day today.”

“I know it’s going to be so busy over the holidays; so there’s no way I can realistically stick to my new plan. I’ll just start again in January.”

I said those things because I wasn’t ready to commit to making a change.

If you want to lose the weight for good, you need to be READY to change. Success depends on your commitment: if you jump before you’re ready, you’ll turn back when you come up against a challenge. If you’re all in when you start, everything is going to be easier and a whole lot more fun. 

So how do you know if you’re ready? How do you GET ready?

First of all, imagine a scale, like a ruler, reading from 0 – 10. 

0 is not ready, 5 is unsure, 10 is “let’s do this thing NOW!”

Where are you on the scale right now?

If you’re a 0-5 then I’m guessing you’re prepared to change, but you’re just not ready yet.

If you’re a 6-7 then you may already be making changes, and feel ready to do more!

So let’s explore more. Grab a pen and paper to write these down, or say out loud:

I am a [your number] because...

My barriers to making changes are…

I can overcome my barriers by…

Where are you now?


0-4: Ok, you’re probably not ready. Being honest with yourself is GOOD. Be proud that you’re thinking about making the change – and don’t worry, I have ways to help you get ready! 


4-7: This is great, but I’d love to know: why didn’t you circle a number closer to the left? You might think that’s an odd question, but think about it for a moment. What are you already doing that’s moving you in the direction of change (reading this blog, for a start!)? What else needs to happen to help you be more consistent? 


Now ask yourself why you didn’t put yourself further to the right. What barriers to change are coming up for you? Write those down and begin designing ways to overcome them.  

As an example: you may be worried about cooking for yourself during a super busy week: look at your schedule and carve out an hour at the weekend to do some meal prep. It’s easy to find an hour at the weekend: you can multitask it by putting on your favourite podcasts or audiobooks while you chop and cook. Batch things up, make one pot meals that can be frozen and brought out when you know you won’t have an evening to cook, and you’ll still be able to eat a healthy meal.

When you’ve done this, do you see your number move again?

Where is it now?


7-10: This is the best time to make changes. You’re feeling committed, you may already be taking steps forward, and you just need the right support to really jumpstart your results. I’d love to offer you some help with that – keep reading!

If you’re ready to start losing weight, but feel like somehow you’ve been holding yourself back from making the changes that you know are going to get you the weight loss results you want, then my FREE challenge, Stop Self Sabotaging and Start Losing Weight would be perfect for you. 

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  • Tap into a never-ending supply of motivation so you can stay focused and keep following through

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