Is weight holding business back

Is your weight holding your business back?

What would be different for you if you didn’t spend all your time obsessing over what you can eat (can’t eat, should eat, shouldn’t eat…) and how much you weigh?

Overeating and weight gain are common struggles for women in business, but they’re also incredibly frustrating problems. When we hold ourselves to such high standards as entrepreneurs, it can be infuriating to have one area of our lives that feels so out of control.

Struggling with weight and controlling cravings can deeply affect your self-esteem and confidence. While so many of the women I speak to acknowledge this in their personal lives, they don’t always consider how deeply the same issues can affect the way they show up in their businesses.

Are you truly happy with where you are in your business right now? Or do you feel that maybe there’s something holding you back?

I know exactly what it’s like, because I’ve been there. But the truth of this is that your body confidence is deeply linked to your business success.

Because right now, it’s stopping you from being seen

When you’re feeling anything less than 100% confident, it’s difficult to show up fully or in a way that’s going to attract new clients or make sales. When you don’t feel your best, you make choices accordingly – you start procrastinating, creating obstacles, doing whatever it takes to protect yourself.

It’s perfectly normal and it’s not your fault. But it is hurting your business.

I speak to driven, intelligent women every day who are stuck playing small. They’re trying to be invisible because they’re unhappy with the way they look or feel about their bodies. They go out of their way to:

  • Pass up on opportunities for publicity (while taking course after course on how to get more visible and grow their social media presence)
  • Avoid getting photographs taken for their website or Facebook pages (because they’re not ready yet, they can’t find anything they want to wear, because they hate every photo anyone takes of them)
  • Focus on all the things that aren’t working rather than celebrating their achievements (or shouting about their talents and experience and exactly what they can offer with their services and products)
  • Put off networking and public speaking (even though they know these things will move them forward)
  • Not launching or promoting and hoping that somehow people will know they’re there…

When you’re trying not to let anyone see you, it’s really hard to be a success as an entrepreneur.

I’ve been there. When I worked as a fitness instructor, I was still struggling with overeating and controlling cravings. I was so afraid people would judge me or see me as a fraud, and I couldn’t bring myself to do all the things I wanted and needed to do to grow my business.

It was so damaging – and so expensive! I kept procrastinating, but convincing myself that everything I did was really just another way to achieve my goals: I needed to wait for the business cards before I started networking, I wanted to see what other people were doing before I did any public speaking, I needed to take another course and get better at marketing funnels or website design before I could properly launch my new business…

Female Entrepreneur Emotional Eating

It went on and on, and in the background I was stressed and anxious because I didn’t have enough clients – but somehow I was so busy all the time! If I did ever get some clients, how on earth would I even fit them in? I released the pressure and my gnawing anxiety by eating more. It was a vicious circle.  

Are your fears and insecurities holding you back from having a thriving business?

The solution to this kind of eating isn’t another diet. I know you’ve tried before and it hasn’t worked for you: and there’s good reason for that (you can find out more about why diets don’t work here).

So what will help?

Understand the deeper issues

If you’re struggling with overeating, stress eating and weight gain, it’s about more than eating a few avocados and giving up coffee and soda. It’s almost certainly not really about the food. Food is an easy solution to lots of complex problems: it’s a comforter, a stress-reliever, it gives pleasure and it’s super quick and convenient. It’s not the answer, but if it’s what you’ve been working with for a long time, it’s going to take a while to change the habit.

Start with your head

When you’re a perfectionist and a high-achiever, it can be difficult to shift your mindset to make the right changes. Taking the focus away from your business and onto you can feel uncomfortable and counter-productive – but it’s the only way to make the permanent, sustainable changes you want to achieve the bigger business goals. Mindset is everything, and the work you do here will shape your success with your business as much as your body.

Find strategies that will work for you ongoing

You’ve been frustrated in the past by diets, detoxes and exercise plans that didn’t give you the results you wanted – so don’t fall back into the same traps. It’s about much more than what you eat: to change what’s happening with your cravings and weight, you need to find a plan that will dive into your emotional eating, work through the real issues, and help you manage your relationship with food to replace the negative habits you’ve formed over the years. Your situation and schedule is unique to you, so avoid cookie-cutter approaches: consider what options are really going to work for you.

Know that you’re not alone

You may be an entrepreneur but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Reach out for support! Speak to women who are on the same journey as you and will really understand. If you need some more specific help on coming up with some strategies to get you started, book a free mini-session with me and I can help give you some steps to take right now.

Changing your relationship with food is not easy. But when have you ever shied away from a challenge before? If you’re determined to stop letting your weight get in the way of your business, your goals and your dreams, then I know you have it in you to make a lasting change and get back your confidence and your drive.

If you need more support with this, then join up for my FREE 5 day Take Back Control of Your Eating Challenge, starting on November 5th. I’ll share the most powerful techniques for managing your food cravings, overeating and weight. These strategies have nothing to do with changing what you’re eating, but they could absolutely change the way you feel about your relationship with food going forward.

If you’re ready to take back control, all you have to do is commit to showing up for five days and giving it your all. You can sign up by clicking on the link below.

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