Remember when you first decided
to lose weight?

You were motivated and determined. You felt things could change.
What happened to that positivity?

No willpower + no progress = guilt, shame and self confidence disaster

I get it.

You’re an intelligent, ambitious woman with a business to run, and you feel like you should have cracked this thing by now. It’s frustrating and exhausting to constantly be fighting with yourself over food.

But you believe there's still a way...

  • You’d love to stop thinking about food: when to eat, what to eat, how bad this is for you, how good you’re being right now… you just want to be able to enjoy a meal without counting calories or stressing about what you’ll have to do to burn it off later.
  • It would change everything if you weren’t a slave to sugar, but you feel like you turn into the Cookie Monster every few hours. You haven’t got any willpower and you need those sweet fixes to give you energy boosts through the day.
  • You've seen diets work for other people, but they haven't worked for you. You're sick of comparing yourself to other women, telling yourself off for getting things wrong, and forever promising you'll do better tomorrow.
  • You’re tired of constantly struggling with controlling your eating and having no energy or focus. You’re constantly criticizing yourself and hate that you can’t seem to change. You feel trapped and unhappy.

You need to put this to bed so you can focus on your business: as a one woman show it's tough to get everything done when you feel overwhelmed and drained because of the way you're eating.

I know just how it feels because I've been here too.


I was at rock bottom. I’d tried so many different things to stop my cravings and binges: I felt helpless but too embarrassed to ask for any help. I was exhausted and miserable all the time, and it meant my business was struggling too. The way I felt about my eating and my body affected my mood, my confidence and my focus, and it meant my productivity and willingness to put myself out there took a big hit. I knew I had to figure things out quickly or my business would go under.

When I realised what was really wrong, all my anxieties disappeared.

Because I found I was totally in control. 

And it wasn’t about food at all. 

There are hidden hungers causing your cravings. Just being aware of what they are can immediately change things. When you stop judging yourself for turning to food and start looking for other ways to manage your feelings, you’ll see fast results. No feeling hungry or deprived. No need for willpower or motivation. 

Food compulsions aren’t something to be ashamed of: they’ve just become a coping mechanism. You can find other ways to manage unwanted feelings. 

 Another diet isn’t the answer.

When all the pieces fall into place, you’ll find that no food is off-limits. You won’t need willpower, so you won’t have to waste time and energy fighting yourself. Weight loss will be easy because you won’t have to think about it any more. Having real food freedom gives you the confidence and focus you need to get out there and do what you do best – and you’ll never look back again.


All you need are the right resources, support and accountability to get you there.

Navy Legs

I can show you:

  • A sane approach to food, where you can actually enjoy sugar, carbs, alcohol and anything else you like, without having to feel guilty, or stress about whether you can stop eating once you start​
  • How to stop self-sabotaging so you can get away from the diet-binge cycle, and achieve the permanent change you've been looking for
  • Strategies to use every day that mean you can handle any situation without turning to food​
  • The exact steps you need to take to transform your habits and your body, so you can focus on your business and live a life you love​

When you don’t have to concentrate all your attention on eating, you’ll have the energy and drive to focus on the things that will make your business successful and your life truly amazing.

You have the chance to change, and I know you’re ready. It’s just about finding the right strategy for you to make this happen.

So tell me, what can I do for you?

I want to get in control of my cravings – right now!


I don’t want to be a slave to sugar and I’m sick of dieting and bingeing: but it’s not easy to stop! I’m committed to doing this, I just need someone to tell me how the heck I’m supposed to get started.

I’ve started to make changes but I need some more ideas


I’m ready to do things differently, but I don’t want to waste any more time Googling solutions. I’ve been trying a few things to lose weight and eat better, but I don’t know what else I should do. 

I don’t have any support and it’s making this feel hard to do


I feel lost and overwhelmed. I’m ready to stop comfort and stress eating for good but I need some support to make this happen.

If you’re still not sure what you need right now, let’s have a chat so we can get you started. If you’re ready to talk, then  jump over to my calendar and book yourself straight on for a free call

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