What to do when you’d rather eat pizza…

I get it: pizza [or whatever your preferred ‘not ideal to help you lose weight’ take out is] appeals to our brains as an easy option when we’re hungry. And there’s nothing wrong with pizza every now and then, but if it’s a frequent go-to then it can be a problem.

I won’t bore you with details of calorie counts and trans fats. But I will say this: I bet the way you feel after eating pizza isn’t the same as you feel after eating a home-cooked stew or veggie curry.

And you might know that’s true right now, in this moment, but after a stressful day when you’re tired, it can be hard to see. Because cooking means having to do something. No effort sounds entirely better, right?

So how do you stop eating the takeout?

Try this. It’s simple, but it was one of the key things I changed about my eating that made it easier and easier for me to say no to takeouts – and to actually stop wanting them at all. 

Say out loud before you order: 

“I bet it won’t be that good anyway.”

Because it wakes your brain up: 

“Hey! Why would you say that?”

Fun facts about your brain: it doesn’t believe you’d ever lie to it, so it just LOVES to prove you right.

When you make a statement like that, your brain goes into overdrive looking for all the reasons it can find to back you up. 

Handy, right?

 Here’s how the conversation with my brain goes: “Well, if we’re being honest, it’s NEVER that good. It’s expensive – I regret handing over the cash as soon as the delivery turns up. I’ll open the box and see the toppings are barely there, the crust is burned, there’s grease pooling on top. It’s always luke warm after the first couple of slices. I don’t REALLY enjoy myself when I’m eating it.

Then after that last slice is gone, in rush the feelings of guilt, shame, self-loathing. They stick around all evening!”


With one statement, I’m reasoning things through and quickly getting my brain on board. There’s no internal struggle or need for willpower. I can see that pizza isn’t an awesome idea – but I’m still hungry. 

Ok: so what do I have in the fridge that I could put together? Is it worth going to the shops to get the things I’m missing to make something tastier? 

“Maybe next time, we could plan ahead so this doesn’t happen…”

NOW you’re getting it, Brain!

Next time you want to order pizza, try this out. And if you do decide to have pizza anyway, really be curious about your thoughts and feelings through the experience.

Is it every bit as good as you had anticipated? What are you actually thinking and feeling before, during and after eating? Would you do anything differently next time?

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