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The one way to stop overeating for good

You’ve probably already tried all the diets. Extreme feats of willpower. Detoxes and shakes and counting every damn calorie… it’s maddening. And it’s not working. Do you ever ask “what am I doing wrong?”

Well despite what you’ve been told, you’re not failing on your diet. You’re not lacking willpower. If you can’t stop overeating and feel like you’ve tried everything, then I’m pretty sure you’ve been missing this one critical step (and I can show you how to get out of the starve > binge > guilt cycle that’s been driving you crazy).

I know how hard you’re trying. But whatever you’ve been telling yourself about your overeating…

“I can’t do this.”

“I’m not strong enough.”

“I have to work harder than other women…”

Or whatever other reason you have that makes you feel stuck.

I just want you to ask yourself:

Is this a completely true statement?

Not sure what I mean by that?

When you’ve had a bad day, it’s not easy to stop overeating: because you want something to help you feel better. We all do it. But really, what we’re looking for is pleasure, or to avoid another emotion. And eating is the easy option. But rather than looking at it in those terms, we come up with other reasons, and genuinely believe those reasons are true… even when there’s really something else going on for us.

It’s easier to carry on eating than it is to deal with the real issues.

Let me tell you about a belief I used to have.

I used to believe – with all heart and soul – that when I started eating I lost all control and I was physically unable to stop myself. Even when I knew I’d had enough. Even when I knew I’d be sick from eating so much. I believed my compulsion around food was beyond my power to stop. Even though I so badly wanted to.

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I believed when I started eating, I couldn’t stop. That what I was doing was disgusting, and I had to hide it from everyone. But that eating was the only thing that made me feel better.

Now in reality none of these statements were TRUE. I mean, of course I could stop eating. I just had to close my mouth and put the food away. What I was doing wasn’t ‘disgusting’ – it was just not the best way for me to cope with some deeper issues. I didn’t have to hide it, I really should have asked for help. And while it was true that eating did make me feel better, it wasn’t the only way I could have met my needs – it was just the most convenient. And I needed to put in the work.  

Despite my beliefs being more about my perception than the truth, they were very real to me. And that reality became my life.

Feeling that way about food is insanely damaging. I tried to starve myself as much as possible, but at some point, I would have to eat – and that would start the cycle. The stress and anxiety was all-consuming: I was a ticking time-bomb and I never quite knew when I’d lose control. Because my focus was so heavily weighted on my secret shame, it affected my business, my relationships and held me back from achieving any of the things I really wanted. 

Do you have similar beliefs? What are they stopping you from doing in your life?

When I finally decided to do something about my limiting beliefs, one of the things I learned about was the scientific study of epigenetics. And this blew my mind. Seriously, you may want to be sitting down for this (and you may even want to slip out of your shoes, in case it knocks your socks off).

Your genes can be modified by what you believe to be true.

Epigenetics looks at various factors influencing genetics, but thoughts and emotions rank high and have been proven to make real changes to human biology. In short, having positive beliefs could be extremely powerful in supporting your body and your health: and negative beliefs can be really destructive.

Blog Genes Stop Overeating

When I found out about this, I realised that changing my mindset was the number one thing that would help me stop overeating.

I can’t stress enough how critical shifting your mindset is if you really want to change your eating habits – curb your cravings, stop overeating, lose weight or maintain it. So I’m going to help you get there as quickly and easily as possible.

1. Look at the beliefs you have around food and your body

Think about the sorts of judgemental things you say to yourself on a daily basis. When you answer the question, be honest but try not to get critical of what’s coming up: imagine you’re asking the question to your best friend, and receive the answers gracefully, just taking notice of what they are without trying to pick them apart.

eg. “I can’t resist chocolate”

2. Ask yourself - how is it holding you back?

Limiting beliefs are blocking you, holding you back from achieving the things you want in business and in life. When you’re spending time and energy thinking about trying to resist chocolate all the time, you’re not focusing on the project you should be, or you’re holding yourself back from going to networking lunches… you’re not achieving your real goals or living your purpose. So be curious: what would you be able to do if you weren’t limited by this thought?

3. Reframe your limiting beliefs

When you can reframe a limiting belief, it can completely change your feelings about it. Because you’re now more positive and compassionate, you’re also more open to trying something different and deciding to make it happen – because the end result is important to you.

  • I really want to (put your own goal here!)
  • I used to think that (your limiting belief)
  • Now I choose to believe that: (your new belief. Try starting with: I can… I get to… I choose…)
  • And… (think of an action you can take to follow your new belief to help you manage better)


eg. I really want to be in control of my chocolate cravings.

I used to think that once I started to eat chocolate, I couldn’t stop.

Now I choose to believe that I can just have a little bit of chocolate when I realise I’m feeling stressed, and after I’ve enjoyed that then I’ll find another way to relax. I could do some yoga instead and I’ll feel much better and not have the guilt afterwards.

If you really want to stop overeating, I encourage you to shift your mindset and see the difference it can make. You get to decide that you’re not doing this to yourself anymore. You can take back control in a way that doesn’t need endless willpower and just needs a fresh perspective.

I know this can feel hard – it is hard at first. Change won’t happen overnight. You have to take small steps to get started but it will make a difference if you’re committed and consistent.

If you need some support making the change, then I’d love for you to join my new Facebook group here  It’s a private space for you to ask for help and receive free private coaching in regular workshops and live streams: I’ll be doing a live on this later in the week, join now and get the support you need.

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